Board and committees

Board of directors

The Board is a unitary body that is effective in leading and controlling the Group. Its mission is to ensure Mpact's continued success and sustainability by collectively directing the Company's affairs with effective and responsible leadership within the industries and markets in which Mpact operates, while meeting the appropriate interests of its relevant stakeholders.

The Board comprises eight directors, two of whom are executive directors, the CEO and CFO. The remaining six directors, three of whom are women, are all independent non-executive directors, including the Board Chairman.

Board practices

The Board is ultimately responsible for the Group's business, approval of the strategy and key policies and is the focal point and custodian of corporate governance at Mpact. It is also responsible for approving the Group's strategy, financial objectives and targets. The roles of the Chairman and CEO are separate. The Board is led by the Chairman, who is elected by the Board annually, while operational management of the Group is the responsibility of the CEO. No business of the Group is or will be managed by a third party.

The Board recognises the necessity for directors to occasionally seek independent professional advice at the Group's expense, in this regard the Board has adopted a Board Policy on procedure for taking professional advice.

Corporate governance report (PDF - 64KB)