Containers: returnable transit packaging, jumbo bins and pallets


Plastic containers [photo]

Mpact Plastic Containers, which has operations in Atlantis (Western Cape) and Brits (North West) supplies a wide range of reusable, value-added plastic containers to the agricultural, bottling, environmental, material handling and fresh produce retail industries. This includes large injection moulded plastic jumbo bins, wheelie bins and containers produced from polypropylene and high density polyethylene and recycled material.

Agricultural products include jumbo and smaller bins for bulk harvesting, transport and storage of fresh produce. Fruit drying trays and one way plastic containers for fresh product export also forms part of this product category.

The Bottling category includes the manufacturing of transport crates. Capabilities for in-mould labelling of these crates exist within the MPCSA factories.

Thirdly, the environmental category, supplies wheeled containers for waste collection, produces a range of "street furniture" for kerbside waste collection and RFID enabled systems for municipalities and waste collectors.

The materials handling category offers a range of containers for the protein industry, industrial distribution systems and specialised products handling applications such as pallets, mining cores and trays.

In conclusion to the MPCSA product offering, the fresh produce category offers integrated containers that reduce supply chain costs. Many companies within the supply chain and logistics industries now benefit from the long-term advantages of plastic containers over disposable packaging.

Equipment in MPCSA factories range from 1,000 tons clamping capacity to 5,500 tons. This enables MPC to offer solutions that few other manufacturers in SA are capable of offering. The 5500-tonne Engel injection moulding machine in the Western Cape is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and is primarily used for the manufacture of the jumbo bin.

MPC also has extensive recycling capabilities whereby "end of life" products are returned, recycled and used in "new" products. This supports our continuous commitment to the sustainability of our environment.



Catalogue [photo] Product catalogue (PDF - 4MB)